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The Mmaa Nkommo Show
Mmaa Nkommo is a Multi-Award and international Talk Show Programme in Ghana which is aired on GTV at 8:00pm on Tuesdays. Since January 2004, it was telecast on TV3 as well. The programme made its first debut on GTV in July 1999.

The programme basically touches on women and children issues. Such issues educate, sensitize and empower them for development and also influence policy makers in the decision concerning women and children.

The Show as it Started in1999

The issues fall under social, moral, health, legal, spiritual, environment and traditional values that debase women etc. Since women care for children, issues such as, children’s right, child labour, child maintenance, child abuse, education of the Girl-Child and Adolescent Reproduction Health are discussed. Due to the popularity of Mmaa Nkommo, it has now embraced all issues and men are now benefiting because whatever concerns women, concerns men as well.
It is produced in Akan Language. Mmaa Nkommo has ran successfully without break from July 1999 up to date. We have so many issues to discuss to such an extent that we scarcely repeat a topic.

Duration: It started as a 45 minutes programme when it was aired in July 1999. Due to its popularity, its has now been increased to one hour.
Since it is a talk show, the programme has audience participation of between 150-170 people with the Hostess and Resource Person/Persons. There are other people who sometimes share personal experience with the audience.
When necessary, outside shooting and interviews are used as inserts to enrich the programme.

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