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Social Impact
Between 2003 and 2004 GAM the accredited Agency which monitors Radio/TV programmes in Ghana, rated it as the fifth most popular watched programme in Ghana. Mmaa Nkommo has been able to capture a loyal audience and affected the society positively to achieve this enviable record. Winning the best Local Talk Show in the Greater Accra and Ashanti Region for 2 consecutive times show our social impact.
Information Value
The programme has been able to inform viewers about issues they need to know and where they can go for help or assistance through our various networking groups, e.g FIDA FAWE, WAJU etc, and their health needs.
One of such information won Mmaa Nkommo a certificate of Recognition for creating Awareness on Breast Cancer by Mammocare. We also provide information on our website: www.mmaankommo.org. The public has been informed on the dangers of FGM, Widowhood Rites, Abortion, and Registration of Marriages etc
Educative Value
All the issues discussed on the programme are very educative. Such educative issues like, Child Labour, Girl-Child education, the life of Kayayo etc have won UNCEF/GNCC Award, 1st Prize in the electronic Media during the 14th National Media Features on Children’s Award.
Mmaa Nkommo has also educated women and the public on conservation and protection of our environment. The programme therefore won Biodiversity Reporting Award, Ghana and Excellence in Television Broadcasting, from Conservation International, International Center for Journalists and International Center of Environmental Journalists.
GSMF has also awarded the programme, a 1st Prize in Electronic Media on Adolescent Reproduction Health. There are several awards for Talk Show accomplishments and Excellence on Women Empowerment for your verification. We are proud to say that, since CIMG Awarded the programme, TV Programme of the year 2000, we have 15 Awards to our credit including 2 International ones. We’ve also educated the public on HIV?AIDS and we are the 1st programme that identified the people living with HIV?AIDS to share their experiences with viewers and the AIDS Commission has ever since used them for their advocacy programme

Ability to Convey divergent views and appeal to a defined audience.
Mmaa Nkommo always has resource persons who are knowledgeable in their own fields. After each discussion, audience are allowed to participate by way of asking questions, suggestions and bring their views to bear on the issues discussed. Since audiences are allowed to express themselves openly and voice out their views, the audience capacity on one programme has grow from 50 to 200 and sometimes more, once in a while. This segment has generated interest on the Show.

Entertainment Value
During festive occasions, we do not just talk, but add entertainment value to the show. Among such occasions are the Christmas, New Year, Mothers Day etc, we provide platform for Women Musicians, Comedians etc to exhibit their talents. We have also organized Fashion Shows to exhibit Descent Dressing for various occasions.
Creativity and Innovation
Sign Language Interpretation
Due to the popularity of the programme and its informative and educative nature, we decided to add our brothers and sisters who are hearing impaired to our ever-growing audience and viewers. As a result in the middle, of 2003, we brought in an interpreter to be part of the show. By the end of 2004, all our programmes have sign language interpretation. We are proud to say that, Mmaa Nkommo is the only programme in Ghana, which is interpreted for the deaf and dumb.
Mmaa Nkommo on OBE- TV UK
AN Afro- carribean TV station in the UK visited our website and got interested in the programme. By visiting our archives section, they realized that all the issues we have discussed did not affected only Ghanaians but Africans and Afro- Carribbean’s. Therefore, the station requested to re-run Mmaa Nkommo. We therefore started packaging for them with sub-titles in English. It can be watched on SKY Channel 223. As a result of the sub-titles in English Mmaa Nkommo reaches out to 7.2 million homes in U.K and Ireland and 40 million homes in Continental Europe which includes France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Austria just to mention a few and in North Africa. It is now one of the most popular programmes on OBE-TV. It has also created a large audience among non-Ghanaian Communities. The CEO of OBE-TV can be contacted on (+44) 2089618909 or (+44)&94-416-7518 for verification.
The pragramme is telecast on Wednesday’s 7:30 pm U.K. time and repeated at 10:00pm on Sundays. The channel once again is Sky 223

Foreign Shows
Mmaa Nkommo has created awareness among Ghanaians living abroad also. It therefore has a loyal audience and viewers among them. We have therefore embarked on foreign trips. In the US we have visited New York, Maryland, Washington, Silver Spring, Detroit, Texas and Atlanta. We have also visited The Netherlands, Germany, U.K and France.
During such visits, we produced very informative and Educative programmes and come and telecast them in Ghana. Our audience has given us insight into their social life’s, work marriage, and their status as Illegal immigrants, raising their children in foreign land etc. The trips also gives them insight into events, changes etc that have happened whilst they are away. We learn from them and they learn from us too. Foreign Programmes
Mmaa Nkommo can now be watched on OBE TV. OBETV – Original Black Entertainment TV is based in the U.K. It is on Euro bird 28.5 Degrees East. Find out more ...

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