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Health Window Mmaa Doctor
Mmaa Nkommo discusses one of the controversial and divergent subjects that breaks most Marriages in GHANA, Infertility. When couple is faced with this problem the woman is blamed. DR JOE MAINOO of PROVITA HOSPITAL discuses this burning issue on Mmaa Nkommo.
DR JOE MAINOO is the first TEST TUBE BABY DOCTOR in Ghana, he discusses how to put smiles on the faces of childless couples. He explain that you could be infertile and yet have BABIES. He assures Ghanaians that there is a way out and should not let such problems break our Marriage. Dr gave instances where most Couples that visited his Hospital with such problems have had BABIES. Get your copy of this e-Book Now!.



A disease which is on the increase in women and which a lot of women feel ashamed to talk about. This discussion is interesting, scary and very educative as women would realize that certain practices like douching with some traditional medicines like “ginger”, “nnunum”, “sorowisa” and other strong herbs may lead to cervical cancer. This particular program turned out to be so interesting that both men and women refused to let the resource person, Dr Adu Boahene of Adabraka Polyclinic leave after the programme was recorded e-Book Now!.

In Ghana, many communities especially in the villages have no good drinking water. The main source of water for household use including drinking is from the rivers streams and sometimes bole hole dug by the communities themselves or with the support from some NGO’s. In most cases, such water is contaminated making it unhealthy for human consumption. The question is, how can we make the water good for consumption? On this week’s Mmaa Nkommo programme, a young university graduate from KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology) will demonstrate to viewers how to use a Water Filter he has produced to viewers. Don’t forget those using pipe Borne Water can as well find it useful since our pipe lines have been laid for ages and the water flowing in them cannot be said to be safe.


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