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Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) seeks to defend women who cannot afford legal fees and also educates them to know their rights and other simple legal matters especially in situations of abuse of women. The appearance of FIDA on the Mmaa Nkommo show was a welcome relief to a lot of Ghanaian Women.
Mmaa Nkommo focused on the Intestate Succession Law, which no doubt has brought so much relief to Ghanaian Women.
This is against the background that many Ghanaians were disinclined towards preparing wills, consequently on the death of a partner especially the Man, the Wife and Children are faced with uncertain future.
The Federation of International Women Lawyers (FIDA) explain what this Law is all about to Women and Children.
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Most women in business are not used to banking or savings. Some especially market women use their shops and stalls as saving places. What happens in case of a disaster like fire outbreak? SSB BANK LTD Ladies Association discusses banking with women and the general public e-Book Now!.





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