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The MMAA NKOMMO crew is back from its U.K Trip. The trip, which was sponsored by SG-SSB MoneyGram, was by Afia Ansaa Ampene, the producer and presenter of Mmaa Nkommo. Two SG-SSB Ltd officers namely Gina Essah head of MoneyGram and Cecil Sunkwa Mills accompanied them on the trip. The crew and the Bank officials took time of to pay courtesy call on H.E Isaac Osei, Ghana High Commisioner in the U.K.
They returned on the 4th of August 2005.
The following topics were discussed.

1. Work ethnics and recreation of Ghanaians in London. This particular topic was chosen because every year Agoo Magazine with Kojo Bonsu do organise recreational activities for Ghanaians living in London and MMAA NKOMMO was part of it to share their fun. It was really a fun fair.
2. The People’s Representative Bill was to afford Ghanaians the opportunity to express their opinion on whether Ghanaians living abroad can vote or not to elect their president and parliamentarians.
3. Education of Ghanaian Children in the U.K and its relevance to development in Ghana. This topic offered us the opportunity to discuss the plight of the Ghanaian child living in two different cultures. How does he/she absorb herself/himself into these cultures?. Are they prepared to come to Ghana and help in the development of the country?
4. The role of churches in the development of the community too was a heated debate, must the church live different from the community or separate religion from culture?
5. Living in London after july 7th, the implications for Ghanaian Immigrants. During July 7th 2005 bomb blast, some Ghanaian lives were lost and fear cut across all living in London. This discussion was to findout how they felt and the aftermath of the bomb blast.
6. Promoting Investment and Development in Ghana. The U.K high commission and bilateral point of view after the G8. Ghana is poised towards investment in Ghana. The group of G8 met and even decided to cancel debt of some African Nations, after the meeting where is Ghana gearing. Watch out for the schedule programmes.

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