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Mmaa Nkommo has created awareness among Ghanaians living abroad also. It therefore has a loyal audience and viewers among them. We have therefore embarked on foreign trips. In the US we have visited New York, Maryland, Washington, Silver Spring, Detroit, Texas and Atlanta. We have also visited The Netherlands, Germany, U.K and France.
During such visits, we produced very informative and Educative programmes and come and telecast them in Ghana. Our audience has given us insight into their social life’s, work marriage, and their status as Illegal immigrants, raising their children in foreign land etc. The trips also gives them insight into events, changes etc that have happened whilst they are away. We learn from them and they learn from us too.
Mmaa Nkommo is also watched on OBE TV. OBETV – Original Black Entertainment TV is based in the U.K. It is on Euro bird 28.5 Degrees East. Find out more ...
In The USA
Mmaa Nkommo made its first foreign Tour in 2001 to the USA. The cities visited were Washington, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Maryland and Houston. Ghanaians who patronized the recorded shows were very frank in discussing a wide range of issues that relate to their living in the States. Some of the topics discussed were,
1. Educational Lives of Ghanaian Women living Abroad
2. Social and Cultural Break with their Roots
3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Training Ghanaian Children Abroad
4. The Marital life of Ghanaians living Abroad
Auntie Afia said she was touched when some of them talked about how they lived together with their spouses in the same house and yet do not see each other's face for over a week because they both keep more than two jobs.
In Holland
Auntie Afia with the MMAA NKOMMO CREW in August 2002 made another tour to Holland, they spent one month and had a very interesting show with the Ghanaian community in Holland especially Rotterdam.
The trip was sponsored by SSB Bank Ltd now SGSSB Bank Ltd, the main sponsors of the programme on Ghana Television. This was at the invitation of Ghanatta Foundation in The Hague and supported by Sikaman Foundation in Amsterdam. They were away for four(4) weeks. Topics discussed included
Why Marriages Between Ghanaians Abroad often Break-Up Easily?
Family Misunderstanding Management- Problems between couples in Europe and their families and in-laws in Ghana, and more.
Auntie Afia on Radio Ghanatta in Holland
The MMAA NKOMMO CREW under the leadership of AFIA ANSAA AMPENE returned from Germany after 6week successful tour of Germany. The crew left Ghana on the 19th August 2003 and came back on the 29th Sept 2003.
The Crew were invited by RADIO GHANA STUTTGART, a free radio station given by the Germany govt. to minority groups in Stuttgart to broadcast to their nationals. On their arrival. the Crew paid a courtesy on H.E.Rowland Alhassan, Ghana's Ambassador to Germany in Berlin on the 30th August 2003
In The UK 2005 (Topics treated are as follows)
1. Life in Britain
2. Living Abroad. How you can support you home country
3. How Ghanaians couples cope with Marital life in Britain
4. Unity among Ghanaians in France
5. Loss of Trust by Ghanaians living Abroad
6. Know your Ghana Mission Abroad
7. Single Parenting in the UK
8. Health Insurance. What does it mean to you.
9. Educating Ghanaians on our Tax Obligation
10. The influx of Ghanaian churches in U.K. Their help to the community
11. Unfaithful Partners
12. You and Stress
13. Coping with Divorce Abroad
14. Setting up a college in a foreign land
15. Must we prepare for death
In FRANCE 2005(Topics treated are as follows)
1. Unity among Ghanaians in France
2. What to do to sustain your marriage
3. Spying on your Partner
4. The Influence of Religion on the lifes of Ghanaians living in France.
5. Coping with Marital Life in France
6. Educating Your Child in France. (Advantages & Disadvantages)
7. Are In-Laws a treat to your marriage.
8. Life in France
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