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Year 2000 Awards  
First Prize in the electronic media during the 14th National Media Features on Children Award 2000 by Ghana National Commission on children (GNCC) and UNICF (Prize 28 inches Colour Television and a Certificate).
Talk show accomplishment excellent Award by Sapphire Ghana Ltd and VIBE FM.
A Certificate of Recognition for creating Awareness on Breast Cancer by Mammocare.
Year 2001 Awards  
Radio and Television Award - The best local Talk show.
Charterd Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) Awards- TV Programme of the year 2000.
GSMF-1ST Price -Electronic Media Award on Adolescent Reproductive Health
. Read more of these awards........
Year 2002 Awards  

Mmaa Nkommo has won it gain!!!!! Mmaa Nkommo has won the Best TV talk show programme for 2002. whiles this is her third time of wining the award since its establishment in 1999, its has been her 10th award so far. We say bravo!!! to Mmaa Nkommo, Auntie Afia and her crew.
Radio and Television Award - Ashanti Region. The best local Talk show. (2nd time)

Muslim Student Union Certificate of Recognition: For creating Awareness on Empowering Women for Development.

AWARD BY CEF: The award ceremony was organised by Conservation International under the Sponsorship of Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEF), The Virginia W. Cabbot Foundation and the John P. and Catherine J. MacArthur Foundation in Accra. read more >>>

Year 2003 Awards  
The Minister for Women and Children’s Affairs commend Auntie Afia as the year 2003 ends, this is a commendation letter from our Honorable minister. Click here for the recommendation ..
Year 2004 Awards  
The awards keep coming. This time, its is from: United Christian Charity Club (UNICART CLUB). The ceremony was held on the 1st of July 2004. This happens to be the programmes 12 award and incidentally Mmaa Nkommo celebrates its 5-year in July. This Award too is significant because, it happens to be her 1st Award this year. Keep visiting our website for details after the ceremony.
Year 2005 Awards  
Its great, Auntie Afia has made it again. This time she has won the Millennium Award for Women Empowerment for 2005. read more >>

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