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About Auntie Afia

Madam Afia Ansaa Ampene popularly known as Auntie Afia, the Hostess of the Mmaa Nkommo talk show was a Teacher by Profession. Auntie Afia left teaching as Assistant Director of Ghana Education Service, she was appointed by the Ministry of Education in 1987-1989 as a Text Book writer and served as a co-author, for Cultural Studies for J.S.S Book 1-3.

In 1990, Afia was again a Government's appointee on the Akan Language committee that was tasked to prepare a new Akan orthography.

The project was completed in 1997. She has also served as a translator for statistical service for their Ghana Demographic and Health Survey works from English Language to the Akan Language.
From 1989-1999, Afia attended series of workshop on Text Books Writing organised by the Curriculum Division of Ghana Education Service

In 1987-1995 when Ghana Broadcasting Corporation had a Department for School Broadcast (Broadcasting lessons to Schools). Afia was appointed as a Radio Teacher. This assignment was actually a turning point in her career and an entry into journalism. The subjects broadcasted were!!
Twi (Akan) for J.S.S 1-3
Cultural Studies for J.S.S 1-3
Book Review in Akan for Secondary Schools. ('O' Level Twi)


Later her command of the Akan Language on air earned her a spot in a popular youth magazine programme on GBC-Radio one which she co-hosted with Amankwa-Ampofo, a very popular Broadcaster at GBC. That was between 1989-1999 (a period of 10 years). During this same period, she co-hosted Women Magazine Programme in Akan-at the same station called Obaa Pa (Ideal Woman)
The following are some of the Radio Programmes Afia handled and Presented between 1989 and 1999:
Music Down South Africa with Tit Bit News from South Africa.
Tunes to remember in Akan (playing of Old Hi-Life tunes)
Guitar Band Stand.
By 1992, Afia had made her mark on her listeners, so the urge to have her as Hostess on some Local language Programmes on Television was strong. It was therefore not surprising when she was given the opportunity to present a discussion programme on Ghana Television dubed - Adult Education in Akan. A star on Television was then born, once started, there was no turning back. Viewers kept on commending her on her good work and the professional way she handled her programme.
Afia with some of her studio guests. During that period, Adult Education won a Prize as the Best Local Language Programme. In 1998, the then Director of Ghana Television encouraged her to come out with something special she can produce for television. As a teacher it was not long that she came out with the idea of a show that will discuss all issues concerning Women and Children. This idea was accepted by Prof. Mark Duodu, and first the pilot programme was approved. In July 1999, precisely 4th July the first ever Local Talk Show: MMAA NKOMMO which means women issues made it first appearance on Ghana Television. Ever since, the Programme is continuosly achieving greater heights.

Auntie Afia is a product of school of Ghana Languages which was under university of Cape Coast. She read Sociology, Anthropology, Linguistic and Languages majoring in Akan Language. She was a member of Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Women In Broadcasting (WIB), Forum for Africa Women Educationalist (FAWE), and Ghana Journalist Association (GJA)
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